Sunday, 15 December 2013

Poetry Editorial Services


Lord Krishna Singing With Gopikas by Yadav Surbhi R.

Need converting your English Poems into True Poetic Form? Bloom Books' Poetry Editorial Services is there to do it for you. Fastest, Cheapest, Unequalled. The most reasonably priced service, strictly confidential. 

Music In Wilderness by Jean Baptiste Camille Corot 1857

We only want good poetry to be there, ready for everyone's singing, perfect in form, ready to print. We will also make poetry out of your prose writings, even from your diaries. We make the impossible happen in poetry.

Young Girl Singing Into A Mirror by Jean-√Čtienne Liotard 1760

You surely know Kahlil Gibran, the versifier of human grief. Ours are the only version of his songs Recast In The True Poetic Form. You know the spit-fire prose of Nietzsche. We found his prose fit to be made into poems. Some poems written in style will sometimes need to be changed metre and rhyme to make them more stylish. We are not ghost-writers. We refine better poems.

What poetry without music? House Singers by Minna Heeren 1873

Your poems are safe with us, confidential, before taking flight. We do not mind if it is a single poem, a collection of poems or a book, or even if it is a page from from your diary. We only mind if it is yours. Write to us with the poem included in your e-mail. No attachments please.

Musical Effect by Mattes

Poetry deserves to be presented this way. Scene from Frankfurt University by Dontworry

Pictures courtesy: Wikimedia Commons